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This case study is based on a topic that is frequently related to nursing the older person. Choose a person from the in the student guide communitythat you are interested in investigating further. These are on page 2 and 3 of this file. You will need to refer to the community guide for the social context.


The aim of this exercise is to assist you in preparation for your WIL experience. You will apply your knowledge of healthy ageing and challenges to health for older persons to assess the health needs and inform decision making for care planning to support the health of the older person in diverse health settings.

Your case study will highlight challenges, factors influencing care; enhancing and/or empowering older persons through your demonstration of clinical reasoning and ethical communication.You will undertake an analysis, assessment and care planning of oneof the provided case studies.

Product:Written assignment: case study

This is an individual assessment that you submit via Safe Assign You will be given a choice of case studies related to Care of the Older Person. You only choose one. The Harvard style of referencing should be used for this work.


You will be assessed on the following criteria:
Use of evidence to analyse the biophysical and psychosocial issues presented in the case.
Critical appraisal of principles of equity, self-determination, rights and access relevant to the case

Use of evidence based principles for assessment and care planning
Information literacy skills: use of sources and citations
Written presentation including structure, grammar, application of referencing protocol Harvard


Use the headings listed below – you may add extra sub headings.

Introduction, Definition, Statistics (Incidence)

Causes of the disease process

Patho-physiology of the disease process

Investigation and Tests completed

Clinical Manifestations (Signs and Symptoms) of the disease

Clinical Course of condition (is it Acute, Chronic, early, late? What stage?)

Appropriate recommended Medication



Appendix 1: Major Nursing Concerns and Nursing Interventions (prioritize care on care plan and reference interventions with EBR)

You have care plans in all your text books to help you with this task.


Marika( in her 80’S) Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Hypertension, history of falls, overweight, history of delirium

Lives in a Granny flat or in the Low care Aged Care facility

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