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Brick Kin

This project will be a cumulative demonstration of the running themes throughout this course. Several options will be offered for the presentation of this material.

Option 1: Comparative Study of Heroes

Each of the cultural units that were presented in this course contains a hero in some form or fashion. If it was not presented in the content, it can be located online.  Here is the task:

Students will choose 4 stories about heroes from 4 different cultures and do an analysis of each. For each story present

• a brief overview

• a brief outline of the character traits of the archetypes used

• why you think this story was told

• comparison/contrast of heroes                     

  1. What qualities do the heroes share?
  2. What archetypal figures do they encounter?
  3. Does the hero fit the archetypal hero character?
  4. Give detailed reasons for the answers to these questions.
  5. What do the stories have in common?
  6. How do the stories differ?
  7. Are there items, characters, actions that are present in all stories?
  8. Give detailed reasons for the answers to these questions.

Option 2: Comparative Study of Creation Myths

Students will choose 4 creation stories from 4 different cultures and do an analysis of each. For each story present

• a brief overview

• a brief outline of the creation story

• compare/contrast these stories:

Option 3: Hero's Journey Movie Analysis

Students will choose a movie that fits the Hero's Journey model and do an analysis of that film. Present an in-depth analysis of each part of the movie that fits the model, explaining each step of the journey and how it aligns with Campbell's model.

The movie choice should meet at least seven parts of the hero's journey in order to be a valid choice. Students should submit movie choice to the instructor for approval before beginning. A few movies that are not options for this project are:

  • Star Wars                          
  • The Matrix                    
  • The Wizard of Oz                          
  • Harry Potter            
  • The Lion King

A few examples of how to analyze a movie are located in the sidebar. These videos show how movies were separated into parts and aligned with the Hero's Journey. Do not copy these presentations. Be original. If there are presentations for movies on the web, your instructor has probably seen it.

* This could also be done with a novel, but will require all the same components. Submit movie or novel choice to instructor for approval.

Options for Presenting Studies:

Students have the option of presenting findings in a variety of methods. Students may utilize any of the following programs, or seek instructor approval for other ideas.

  • Museum Box
  • Glogster
  • Animoto (Please note that if using this program, the full version will need to be used, as this will need to be longer than 30 seconds.)
  • PowerPoint
  • MLA Essay (Some images will be required if an essay is written. These should be submitted in a separate document, complete with short descriptions and citations.)

If you have other ideas, ask your instructor for approval.

See the rubric in the sidebar for detailed requirements. Submit this project to the appropriate dropbx. If the program provides a link, submit the link in a Word document, along with a short description of the project.



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