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In order to meet the requirements of the board you will prepare the final  Strategic Business Plan—Part II—Strategic Plan Report to the executive board. Ensure your strategic plan is thorough, succinct, and complete.


Challenge yourself to link the targets to specific initiatives you have identified in the Strategic Business Plan you are developing for Harley-Davidson.


Your written report should include a title page, a table of contents, an executive summary, and each of the following sections:


Part I: Global Economy / Factors Affecting Global Economy

  1. Motivations / Risks
  • Motivations for Expansion
  • Risks in Expansion
  • Competitive Advantage in Global Markets
  • Entry Strategies for Global Expansion
  • Internet Approach / Strategy
    • How the Internet adds value
    • Internet Business Models
    • Competitive Strategies
    • Leverage E-Business Capabilities

    Part II: Corporate Leadership


    1. Direction Setting
    2. Organizational Design
    3. Organizational Culture
    4. Leadership Traits
    5. Ethical Organization Characteristics
    • Identify elements
    • Identify missing elements
  • Learning Organization Characteristics
    • Identify elements
    • Identify missing elements

    Part III: Strategic Plan Summary

    1. Conclusions
    2. Recommendations
    3. Implementation
    4. Risks


    Submit your final  Strategic Business Plan—Part II—Strategic Plan with your self-reflection summary to the  M5: Assignment 1 Dropbox by  Saturday, June 7, 2014.

    Assignment 1 Grading Criteria
    Maximum Points
    Global Economy/ Factors Affecting Global Economy: Motivations/risks, competitive advantage, entry strategies, Internet strategies.
    Corporate Leadership: Direction setting organizational design, culture, leadership traits, ethical characteristics, learning organization characteristics.
    Strategic Plan Summary: Conclusion, recommendations, implementation, and risks
    Self Reflection Summary: 5-6 key lessons.
    Organization: Introduction, Thesis, Transitions, Conclusion
    Usage and Mechanics: Grammar, Spelling, Sentence structure
    APA Elements: Attribution, Paraphrasing, Quotations
    Style: Audience, Word Choice

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    /PRyC WP: Add custom content to bottom of post/page

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