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A. Describe the religious beliefs of the ethnic group that you have chosen.

B. Identify the relevance that these religious beliefs have upon health care.



A. How is pain and suffering viewed by people of this ethnic group?

B. What role do cultural healers have for people of this ethnic group?

C. What special practices does this cultural group have in the areas of death and dying?

D. Give two ways that nurses can use this information in the care of a patient from this ethnic group.



A. What is the common structure of the family in this ethnic group? (patriarchal, matriarchal, etc)

B. What is the role of elders in the family structure?

C. If a member of this ethnic group was hospitalized, how would the families handle it?

D. Give two ways to approach the families in this group as a nurse needing to provide health related information.



A. Describe the cultural norms in the area of personal space for this ethnic group.

B. How do the patients use their native language to communicate verbally and nonverbally? For example, describe the use of eye contact, gesturing, touching, etc.

C. How would members of this ethnic group interact with people from the same cultures; with those of another culture; with those in the health professions?

D. Give two approaches that the nurse could use when needing to communicate with a person of this group.


V.  Food and Nutrition

A. Describe the significance of food for members of this ethnic group. For example, are certain foods eaten at times of the birth of a new child?

B. What are some favorite foods of this group and how are they impacted by hospitalization?

C. Give two examples of how the nurse can encourage healthy eating yet also respect the group’s preferences.


Grading Guide: (total potential points 350)

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